Keeping Pets Safe this 4th of July

The 4th of July is filled with exciting and fun festivities; however, for some pets the holiday can be a scary event.  Sadly, each year local shelters become inundated with pets that were lost over the 4th of July. Sometimes fireworks create such a panic that pets travel long distances before calming down, making it hard to find their way back home.  Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to keep your pets safe while still getting to enjoy the festivities.

Household pets:

  1. Place a collar with an identification tag on your pet.  Having your pet microchipped by a local veterinarian is an even better option as collars can be slipped or lost, especially in a panic.
  2. Prepare a room ahead of time for indoor pets.  When possible, blackout curtains, an escape proof door, along with their bed and toys will create a quiet, calm, safe space.
  3. If your pet is crate trained, consider placing them into their crate while fireworks are going.  Often crate trained animals feel safest when secure within their crates.
  4. Play music or have white noise going to reduce the impact of the explosions outside.
  5. When outside; make sure that your pet is inside a secure fence, or on a leash under your control and away from any fireworks to prevent burns.
  6. Act normally around your pet.  Cats and dogs are good at sensing human emotions; if you are calm they will be calmed, if you are nervous or anxious they will feel those emotions as well.


  1. Prior to the 4th of July walk the perimeter of their area, making sure that all fencing is adequate and secure.
  2. Water any dry fields to prevent fire danger, especially around barns and areas where your animals tend to gather.
  3. Spend time bonding with your animals, helping them to feel safe and calm.  Be sure to maintain your personal safety by removing yourself from the area if an animal becomes overly agitated.
  4. Do not set off fireworks near livestock or their enclosures.
  5. After fireworks have ended, walk through your pasture to ensure that there is no firework debris and remove any that you find.

A little extra attention to details before, during, and after the 4th of July holiday can ensure that your pets remain safe and as calm as possible,  allowing you to enjoy your celebrations to the full extent.

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