Exploring Nature: St George’s Story Trail

It had been a long day with three young children cooped up inside a small house, and I was ready to go somewhere new that would feel like it was a world away.

A 23-minute drive from Deer Park took us to the entrance to St George’s School in Spokane. We tumbled out of the car, and hadn’t gone far on the dirt track before we reached the first sign. My then 3-year-old son, Micah, pulled back the protective weather cover to expose the laminated cover of a children’s book.

The trail made its way up the hillside and through the woods; we read the story together and delighted in the book.  I breathed in the fresh air, and took a few moments to enjoy the view of the rocky hills in the distance.

As we neared the end of the book, page by page, sign by sign, the trail began to head back down the hill, until we regretfully reached the end. The trail then opened up into a parking lot on the school property with a Little Free Library stocked with children’s books.

St. George’s School is located at 2929 W Waikiki Road in Spokane.

This quarter-mile trail was originally built by, and is maintained by students. It can be steep in places and is not wheel-chair or stroller friendly. The public is welcome to hike the trail anytime the gate to the school is open – typically between dawn and dusk on school days, with occasional weekend openings while school events are occurring. The 5th grade classroom from St George’s stewards the book selection and changes it monthly, except during the winter months.

For the most up-to-date information, visit facebook.com/StoryTrail.SGS/.


A fun addition to your outdoor adventures is a stop at the nearby Spokane Fish Hatchery on 2927 W Waikiki Road. Visitors are welcome daily from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM for self-guided tours. Bring a few quarters to buy fish food from the hand crank fish food machine and start a feeding frenzy!

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