Letter To The Editor: Thankful For Roundabouts

Years ago we lived on the other side of Highway 2 before there was a traffic light at Deer Park Milan Road and Highway 2. When my kids went to school there, we had the same dilemma of crossing the road when safe… (which seemed like NEVER) as we did here in Deer Park entering 395 south. Getting a traffic light there was the most wonderful thing ever! Now kids can cross walk safer and drive across safer too.

I have read two of the past letters that complained of the round about here in Deer Park.

Although I may understand their positions, WE on the other hand are so EXTREMELY thankful for them!!! I no longer feel my life is in danger, heart pounding, while trying to enter 395 south or crossing 395 to get to Burroughs side. I cant believe how easy it is now to do either. No more heart pounding or life threatening decision to enter or not! I believe they create a better traffic flow and yes some people see it as a chance to race you through it! Roundabouts were not created to help people grow up. Those people will one day make that choice on their own.

I do agree that a speed limit sign would be an wonderful addition to this town and would probably save more lives as well. Why not both! WE ARE WORTH IT!

Just like others places, once either roundabouts or speed signs or traffic lights are installed, people get used to them and they become accepted.

But again we just wanted to say we are EXTREMELY THANKFUL for the additional roundabouts.

The Hansens

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