Introductions Begin Online

You’re new to the area and you’re ready to get connected. Where do you start? Discover Deer Park has a new website that aims to start the conversation online, and then help you find opportunities to turn strangers into neighbors.

You’re invited to visit to find out more about Deer Park. If you’re new to the area, you’re invited to sign-up and attend a gathering with other new residents and local community leaders. Discover Deer Park’s primary goal is to bring new residents together to meet each other. Secondary goals include promoting community service, supporting local businesses, and introducing new residents to leaders in city government, the faith community, and local education.

One feature of the site is the “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Blog found at, which currently features posts by Mayor Verzal, Library Supervisor Kris Barnes, and other community leaders. Future articles will include hospitality tips as well as ongoing encouragement for people interested in building community in our area. Some articles will be published in the Gazette and will be available through the Deer Park Gazette website.

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