The Sparkle Heads Take Outhouse Trophy!

The long standing tradition of racing outhouses during WinterFest had strong representation this year.  There were 7 teams running in the snow race, which is the most organizer Karen Martino has seen in the 6 years she’s been in charge of the event.

If you’ve never seen an outhouse race, you’re missing out on a fast and furious contest on a course that is often rather deeply covered in snow.  The outhouses are mounted on skis to help them glide over the frosty track, but the runners have no such implement. Each team has four people pushing the outhouse sled, and 1 lucky member gets to go for a short ride.   

This year the Clayton Community Fair Royalty a.k.a. The Sparkle Heads took 1st place; they won $100.00 for the team and got to take home the traveling trophy.

Coming in 2nd and 3rd were The Specials and The Key Club.

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