Know Where To Shove It


When we posted this article online, several commenters responded that the city was the one mishandling snow and blocking driveways. While the city does deploy graders with gates, they cannot always prevent snow ending up in driveways. The amount of snow, properties of snow, and proximity of successive driveways impact where the snow ends up. While plowing the snow, efforts are made to keep driveways clear; the city also has to ensure timely road clearing within a budget.  

Some residents stated, perhaps sarcastically, that they would be happy to put the snow back out in the road for the city to deal with. Please note, however, if you push your snow out into the streets, you’re not just sticking it to the city, you could be causing a disruption for your neighbors, as well as the likelihood of incurring a fine. Please be courteous and know where not to shove it.


The city of Deer Park would like to remind residents not to push their snow into the streets or alleyways.  Not only does this create more work for the city, but it can also result in a fine for you.

Don’t let the snow lead you to a financial headache as well as the physical backache. Instead of pushing the snow out in the way of others, please take the time to find a place on your own property to stack the stuff up.  

Fines are $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second, and $100 for each of the subsequent incursion.

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