Your Advanced Age

I recently had my gallbladder removed. I had a pre-surgery appointment with the surgeon. In reference to part of the surgery, he mentioned my “advanced age.” I’m 68! I found that comment very rude. But, it did get me to thinking about the sad fact that we do age, and as we do our physical abilities deteriorate. This includes our ability to drive. I know that my judgement is still as good as it once was, maybe even better. Experience and maturity tend to help that. On the other hand, I think my reflexes, while still very good, have slowed a bit.

We need to compensate for this aging by making changes to our driving. While everyone’s changes are different, we may need to leave more space when following another car. We might also reduce our driving after dark, or in bad conditions if our eyesight is not what it once was. When traveling we will probably need to take more breaks than we did when we were 30. I know, for myself, I would have a hard time doing eight or nine hundred miles in a day, like I did when I wasn’t of “advanced age.”

Last and hardest, especially for men, is knowing when we need to stop driving. It’s an integral part of modern society, and it’s hard to manage life without driving. But, at a certain point, when we become a hazard to others, and our friends or relatives start voicing concern about our driving, we need to swallow our pride and listen to them. I hope that, for me, that day is far away. But I also pray that should it come, I will swallow my pride and listen.

Joe Polowski
Precious Metal Auto Body

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