Four New Year’s Resolutions For You… And Your Pets

Did you make a resolution to get fit and fabulous in 2019?  Why not make the same goals for your critters?

Eat Better

In the cold it is good for them to have a little “winter insulation”; however as the snow melts, many animals will shed their winter coats, but not always their winter pounds. Talk to your vet about a healthy and balanced diet.

Exercise More

Exercise is good for all us: mind, body, and soul.  Animals are no exception. So what kind of workout should you and your critters take part in?  Obviously, this varies greatly between species, but one universal truth is that active play counts as exercise and burns those excess calories!  Most vets and trainers will have more ideas on this.

Learn A New Skill or Hobby

Have you ever wanted to teach your dog or cat tricks, or take your rabbit through an agility course? (Believe me, it’s a real thing.)  If you want to reach out for something unusual and extraordinary, look up some new things you and your furry friends can learn to do together.  Even fish can be trained to perform a few tricks.

Travel More / Spend More Time with Family and Friends

Most animals are natural travelers, either migratory or long range hunters/foragers. Your cat may or may not like a long car ride, but your dog is probably just waiting for permission to jump aboard. Dog parks, walks in different places, even taking dog training classes for a chance to socialize your pup would make that doggie’s day!  

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