Deer Park Gazette Celebrates “Re-Birth” Anniversary

Can you believe we’ve been doing this for 12 months? We’ve made a lot of changes, but have also tried to stay true to the tone and spirit of the original newspaper. We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been doing.

February is the Deer Park Gazette’s anniversary of re-birth.  We’ve included a survey with space for comments, so you can tell us what you enjoy and what you could go without.  Our goal is to reach out to and be of more interest to a wider group of people. Please make suggestions for new content, Six-Word Story prompts, or subjects for Local Talent, Community Profiles, and Five Forks. You can also fill out the survey online at

Fill out the survey completely for a chance to win a prize from the Deer Park Gazette. Thank you for your continued readership and feedback.  We look forward to serving our communities in this new year.

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