A Lifetime of Pumpkin Lane

Kelcie Olson has been an active participant of Pumpkin Lane for each of its 22 years in her 22 years of life.

Born on October 1, 1996, to Jeff and Cindy Lenz, Kelcie attended her first Pumpkin Lane as an infant with her mom, a staple at our local State Farm office here in Deer Park. Since this first year, she has returned each year – as a toddler she helped to pass out candy and entertain passersby with her sweet smile; as she grew into a teen she began to bring friends and enjoyed dressing up.

Her junior year she represented our town as one of the Miss Deer Park princesses in 2014, and stood with the float committee handing out candy and entertaining the trick-or-treaters; she promptly returned her senior year and each year after to hand out candy and hear the stories of people’s memories of her growing up through the years.

Now married and living in Spokane, she proudly returns to Deer Park, the town that helped to raise her to support the community and the tradition that, like her, began its journey 22 years ago.

Now married, Kelcie returns for the 22nd Pumpkin Lane
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