Working Together For WinterFest

Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis Club have teamed up for WinterFest 2020!

Join the fun! Winterfest is a traditional event in rural communities around the state of Washington, to help support the economy and encourage sales in a usually economically quiet season. It is also an all town party, as the festivities usher residents out of their cozy homes and fill the streets. This year, our community can enjoy the festivities at the Deer Park High School including (but not limited to) the Opening Ceremonies at 10am, the morning race, chess competition, and vendor fair!

In addition, Chamber of Commerce is hosting afternoon activities at the Firestation, Perrins Field, and City Hall! Come and join the fun!

COOK-OFF of CHILI, PIZZA  & COFFEE at various locations (see below) 


DOUBLE FEATURE MOVIE in the FireHouse 3-6pm

BONFIRE at City Hall at 5pm

In bringing afternoon activities to the heart of Deer Park proper,  business activity and support for our local economy is encouraged, as well as  reviving the tradition of WinterFest. This is the first step in seeing our beloved festival bloom again! Let’s take over Deer Park and see the return of WinterFest into a weekend long event; we’ll get there TOGETHER. Join the effort and sign up to run a race, challenge another business in the Outhouses, or cook up a bowl of chili and welcome new customers!  

For our businesses, you have several opportunities at your doorstep:

JOIN THE COOKOFF in 1 of 3 ways!

In honor of the days of Chili Cookoff at Yokes, we have brought back the competition! This year, restaurants and coffee shops are encouraged to join in the Winterfest spirit and enter their prized chili, best pizza, or offer a coffee sample. The prize to be won? Taking home the title of BEST CHILI IN TOWN, BEST PIZZA IN TOWN, and WORLD’S BEST COFFEE! Our business community needs local support, and this is one way you can support them; get out and vote this January. 

Pick up your $8 Punch cards from participating locations; they will be made available throughout January (family discounts apply!):

Chamber of Commerce Office
316 E Crawford Avenue

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 PM – 3 PM

Yoke’s Fresh Market
810 S Main Avenue

During regular hours at the Information Counter

Other participating locations (to be announced in January).

JOIN AN OUTHOUSE RACE! This year we will have several categories: Professional Challenger (Business Teams), School, Military, and OPEN!

Do you have various departments within your company? Get them out to play together, and compete against each other. Rivalry and jest is a great way to boost  morale for your team. The team that plays together WINS TOGETHER! Another fun way to participate is to challenge another company in your industry or across industry lines. Take that buddy or rival up on their challenge, and run an outhouse race to settle it once and for all! Now you’re all in the spirit! Let’s have fun this January, and come out and race!

Businesses who would like to register in or sponsor any of the above events, contact the Chamber of Commerce office at:

To be a vendor at the Vendor Mall, you can submit an application online at Space is limited.

This is a sponsored article and does not necessarily reflect the position of the Deer Park Gazette or its staff.

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