Featured Adoptable Pet: Shotgun

Name: Shotgun
Breed: Domestic Shorthair Feline
Age: 5 year old
Size: large
Energy: Playful

Spay/Neutered: Neutered
Vaccinations: Current
Dewormed: Current

Rescue: Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary
Contact: (509)684-1475   [email protected]  www.cvasanctuary.org


Shotgun’s name comes from his adventurous days as a brave tomcat in search of a home. He is our first feline Breaking and Entering offender. Homeless during the cold January weather, he was out looking for shelter and found a home that he could squeeze into. However, the home was already occupied by other cats who did not take to his invasion well. The owner called us and said the cat’s two options were to come to our facility or the shotgun. Hence his name.

Shotgun is a very fortunate and grateful feline. He truly behaves like a dog inside a cat’s body and he just wants to please you and receive praise. He would be good to an indoor/outdoor home, as he comes Microchipped and has experience in the great outdoors. He enjoys brushing and snuggling and of course being told how handsome he is.

*Information is approximate and based on the information given to the rescue group involved.  Personality/disposition reports are based on one person or family’s experience. Animals respond to different people and locations in different ways. Contact rescue for more information, or to learn about other adoptable animals in their care. This is a sponsored article and does not necessarily reflect the positions of the Deer Park Gazette or its staff.

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