Pumpkin Lane – Another Successful Year

Despite rainy days leading up to Saturday’s event, and the reports of children and families with the Norovirus, Pumpkin Lane 2018 was a success with fun had by all ages in attendance.

Bicycles by Deron was one business who opted to not open for the event as the dreaded illness struck their family Saturday morning. Other businesses reported that the total number of attendees appeared to be less than most years. The weather turned into a bluebird day with beautiful skies, sunshine, and warmth. As in most years, our Deer Park community pulled together to put on a wonderful and safe event. Local businesses and organizations dressed up, handed out candy, had games, and prizes for the children. There were tractor rides and people walking all through our town enjoying the sense of community with visits with old friends and new.

Princesses walking with ninjas, and several T-Rexes, among hundreds of other creative and fun costumed youth, were able to cross the streets, thanks to the assistance of our volunteer crossing guards. Drivers were gracious enough to adhere to the caution signs and allow the children to enjoy this annual event. It was fun to see familiar faces and talk with first year attendees, as well as discuss old businesses and those which recently opened. Pumpkin Lane takes a great deal of work behind the scenes to pull together, and by the turnout, despite illnesses and the threat of bad weather, the hard work and efforts were appreciated by all.

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