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Knights Under the Lights

Do you ever daydream about a time when knights rode majestic horses into dangerous competitions, or a noble archer took aim at the bullseye as well as the heart of his lady fair? This first weekend in August, you’ll have a chance to witness and take part in these medieval games, as well as several others.

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Primary Election Results 2021

The official ballot drop box closed at 8pm for the primary election that took place on August 3rd this year. The early results are in and laid out here. However, the county canvassing boards will be certifying the results as of August 17.

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Flight school at Deer Park airport

Deer Park Airport Continues Growth

Situated 3 miles northeast of downtown Deer Park, the Deer Park Municipal Airport/Penni Loomis Field has been transforming its mission since being established as a World War 2 airfield in 1944. During the 1950’s, the airstrip became more popular for drag racing than for plane landings. Today, it has grown into a thriving, self-sustaining municipal asset serving a large variety of clients, missions, and aircrafts. Its future is more growth.

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Century of Settler’s Day

Settler’s Day is a unique combination of tradition and innovation and a vibrant part of our community, but Settlers Day 2021 was a milestone. It marks the end of an era, the last day of a 100-year history. Yet, at the same time, it marks the beginning of one also. As if turning over an empty hourglass, the sand has begun flowing again, marking the dawn of Deer Park’s next century.

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Paddling The County Border

2020 is the year to explore close to home, and in our area we are luckier than most in that there are so many options for recreation.  One great choice

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Tomatoes All Decked Out Patio Style

Yellow, spotted leaves, and mushy fruit are common issues for potted tomatoes, especially in late summer. Plant your tomatoes correctly and avoid these issues altogether!

Incorrect Pot: Tomatoes have big root systems, and no amount of extra water or fertilizer will substitute for lack of space for the roots. I recommend a large tree pot. Five-gallon buckets are not large enough to have a happy tomato all summer. Once the roots grow to the sides of the pots, they are easily burned by the heat of the sun. You’ll notice this from excessive wilting, as well as dry edges and yellowing on the leaves. Ten to fifteen-gallon pots are best. Make sure that the pots have drain holes on

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Rotary Students of the Month 2021

Below are the last three “Students of the Month” chosen for 2021.  Samantha Santos, Riverside High School – Riverside High School Principal Clint Hull introduced Samantha Santos. Samantha has been a student

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