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Beverly Jeanne Hansen

Our family lost our matriarch when Jeanne Hansen, also known as Grandma by so many, passed peacefully in her home on Bare Mountain Ranch Thursday, October 21, reuniting with her sweetheart Chris Hansen.

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Local News

A Ballot Question For City Council

Deer Park City Council candidacy requires contenders to live within the city for more than one year before the election. Billy Costello moved to Deer Park in May of 2021, he has owned a business in the community since 2018.

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A & E

First Swap Meet at Deer Park Airport

Traffic was at times backed up as people came in the thousands to the first Swap Meet at The Old Drag Strip at the Deer Park Airport, this last Memorial weekend. “It went absolutely great,” said Hargis Adams, one of the founders of the Deer Park Car Club. This Deer Park Car Club sponsored event proved that you do not need to leave Deer Park to have an exciting time.

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Spring Into Self-Care

Loon Lake welcomes a new business to the community, just off highway 395. Lisa Clements, LMP, brings you the Loon Lake Spa. Celebrating its grand opening on March 13th, they hosted an open tour of their cozy space.

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Rescuing and Rehoming

As the weather changes, many pets are getting cabin fever just like us. A quick browse through local pages on Facebook makes it appear there are more stray pets out roaming lately. So, what happens if you end up rescuing a stray pet?

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Senior Night Basketball Game

Final Deer Park High School Basketball hosted Newport in their last NEA regular season game this week. Deer Park teams looking toward the playoffs coming at the end of the week.

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Wigged Out By Earwigs?

Earwigs are one of the easiest to recognize and creepiest looking bugs to live in our gardens and orchards. Their fast-moving bodies and sharp pincers are enough to fit right into a horror movie! But earwigs are far from being evil aliens!

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