Letter To Editor – Jesus wasn’t a Republican. Nor was he a Democrat.

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Jesus wasn’t a Republican. Nor was he a Democrat.  

Unfortunately, the system in which we live, plays to only two parties, that hold a strangle hold on power.  As such what is one then to assume? That my identity in Christ is dependent upon who I vote for or don’t vote for?  Shall I say then that it is my Christian Duty to vote for Biden or Trump? Neither statement is valid.  The shame is a false equivalence within political and false religious dogma.

Christians are to be know by what? By their fruit. This is the nature of individuality with in Christianity and how we manifest our relationship with God!  To act evil toward one’s wife, children or neighbor and then claim virtue by how one votes is actually against God!  “Do not take the Lords name in Vain”, literally means to not attribute as to God, that which is not God! Or in other words, “Do not partake in False Virtue!” This is evil!

To be Holy, is to be set apart, from the world. To think and act different. To value every one as so important that God almighty was willing to die for them, as much as oneself. And to wrestle that out is, in practice, very difficult!

The good that is supposed to manifest, then aggregates back up into the culture, and finally to politics, not the other way around.  It was a mistake in the 90’s for conservatives to form the Christian Coalition.  This is the antithesis as to how Christ worked.  He did not force Himself on others using power from the top down.  Nor did he ignore sin! Instead He called out the hypocrisy, of leaders and also forgave sinners and then called them to follow Him into glory! “I was one way, but because of Him, I am another.” 

As such, I believe it is wrong to say that a person is or is not a Christian, depending upon how they vote. Who are you to know someone’s conscience?

Are you God that you can see the heart of mankind?  

As November draws near, I do think that one outcome is likely to be better than another. However, I also know that God is the one who places leaders on thrones and has the power to crush nations.  

I can very clearly see the corrupt nature of the systems with in which we live, I am not blind! I also have a good sense as to what Scripture, and history has taught me.  Therefore, I will pray for wisdom and ask for God’s mercy for us all, and  ultimately for His will to be done.  

There for be very careful of false teachers, religious or political dogma. As well as false straw man or gaslighting arguments.  

It’s not useful.  There is no person other than Christ who can save.  

“Stoping Trump” or “Stopping Biden” will not bring you salvation. 

 If you think me “evil” because of how I vote, then perhaps “you” are the one who needs to remove the log from your own eye? 

I hate religious conflation in politics.   

Therefore, one must also be very careful as to who one calls a devil!  If you’re not careful you may find that the Devil is you!

Kc Longly

Reprinted with permission.
Letters to the Editor are not edited or corrected for content or grammar. 

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