Riverside Dominates Medical Lake In A High-Scoring Affair

The Rams break through the new banner provided by the Booster Club. The Booster Club also provided the tunnel and fog machine. Photo by: Campea Photography

In an electrifying football showdown that left fans on the edge of their seats, Riverside clashed with Medical Lake in a game that will be remembered for its remarkable scoring plays. As the final whistle blew, the Rams emerged victorious with a commanding lead of 40-8 over Medical Lake.

First Quarter: Riverside Takes Control Early
The opening quarter set the tone for the game as Riverside’s Braxton Welch bulldozed his way into the end zone with a 7-yard run, complemented by a successful Jake Gaffaney kick, giving Riverside a quick 7-0 lead. The scoreboard continued to light up as Gaffaney showcased his kicking prowess with a remarkable 44-yard field goal. The special teams also shined for Riverside when Tyler Lenz returned a punt 39 yards for a touchdown, increasing their lead to 17-0.

Second Quarter: Riverside Extends Their Lead
In the second quarter, Riverside’s dynamic duo of Jake Gaffaney and Andrew Campea connected for a 46-yard touchdown pass, although the extra point attempt was no good. Nevertheless, Riverside surged ahead to a comfortable 23-0 lead. Gaffaney continued to display his kicking prowess, nailing a 33-yard field goal to further extend Riverside’s lead to 26-0.

Third Quarter: Riverside’s Defense Shines
The third quarter belonged to Riverside’s defense, which was nothing short of spectacular. Cody Schneider came up big with an 8-yard blocked kick return for a touchdown, followed by another special teams gem—a 13-yard punt return touchdown by Cody Schneider. With Jake Gaffaney’s successful kicks, Riverside raced ahead to an impressive 40-0 lead.

Fourth Quarter: Medical Lake Fights Back
In the final quarter, Medical Lake showed remarkable resilience and determination. They managed to find the end zone with a 4-yard run and successfully converted a two-point conversion, avoiding a shutout and bringing the final score to 40-8 in favor of Riverside.

Photos by: Campea Photography

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