Oregon Fire: Updated Evacuation Areas

Spokane County Fire District #4, utilizing the CodeRED system, has implemented further Level 1 evacuation zones as of 6pm on August 21st for the Oregon Road Fire. This is in conjunction with the existing Level 3 evacuation areas that remain in effect. This was confirmed this morning August 22nd.

Level one evacuation Get READY to leave Areas crews are working on:

Reflection Lake Area. The area stretches Madison on the East, Elk Camden and Valley on the West, Spokane County Line on the North, and Blanchard on the South. 

Orchard Bluff Area. The area stretches over Elk-Chattaroy Road on the North, Big Meadows Road on the South, and from Madison Road on the East to Newport Highway on the West.  

What do the evacuation levels mean?

Level 1 – Get READY to leave

  • You should prepare to leave your current location
  •  Conditions could get worse due to the (incident type) in your area

Level 2 – Get SET to leave

  • You should be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice
  • Dangerous conditions threaten your current location.
  • The incident may be limiting the emergency services’ ability to protect the area.
  • If you or anyone at your location needs extra time, have pets or livestock, you are strongly encouraged to evacuate now.

Level 3 – GO, Leave immediately

  •  There is an immediate threat to your safety at this time
  •  Emergency services may not be able to assist you
  •  You will not be allowed to return until conditions are safe

Sometimes evacuation is not safe, so that you may be asked to: Shelter in Place

  • GO indoors with your children and pets
  • CLOSE windows and doors
  •  MONITOR TV, local radio, and social media for further instructions


CodeRED is a reliable source for emergency information facilitated through the ALERT Spokane program. It serves as a public alert and warning system for the greater Spokane area. CodeRED is a robust mass notification software that ensures the dissemination of emergency notifications across various communication channels, including landline, cellular, VoIP phones, email, text messages, and TTD/TTY capable phones.

How to sign up for ALERT Spokane
To sign up and receive alerts, you have several options. 

Option 1: If you’re a resident of the greater Spokane area, you can register at: Public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/BF39DD5F3FD5. Registration benefits include adding multiple addresses and phone numbers, such as home, work, school, and family contacts. This ensures you’re informed regardless of your location. Additionally, you can receive alerts in languages like Spanish, Russian, or Chinese if English isn’t your primary language.

If you’re using CenturyLink or Frontier for your landline, your number is likely already in the database. However, it’s still recommended to register additional addresses and phone numbers, including cell phones and VoIP phones, if applicable. The system automatically removes duplicate entries.

Option 2: Download the CodeRED mobile application for Android or iPhone at: Onsolve.com/platform-products/critical-communications/codered-public-alerting/mobile/mobile-app-download/. This app provides location-based notifications when you’re within the emergency area. Ensure your phone’s location or GPS function is enabled to receive alerts.

It’s important to note that disabling alert notifications on your cell phone may result in missing critical life and property-saving information. In the CodeRED app settings, you can customize your notification range, although accuracy may vary. Being in the targeted area is key for effective alerts.

If you’ve registered with ALERT Spokane before June 2017, it’s advised to re-register to ensure your information is up-to-date. This allows you to include multiple addresses and phone numbers and make changes as needed.

Contact CodeRED’s parent company, OnSolve, for registration assistance at 1-866-939-0911. 


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