“Framed” Took the Stage

Caption: Joelia Towell playing Amber, asks Sophia Hunsaker, playing Casey, to create a diversion so that the other students can recover Uncle Reggie for the Bassenthwaite sisters.

“Framed” had everything: art heists, eccentric old ladies, and a missing uncle, all brought to life by a talented cast. The play was such a hit that you might need a detective to find a DVD copy!

Deer Park Home Link recently presented their second play of the school year, “Framed,” written and directed by Deer Park Home Link’s drama instructor Rachel Horner, at the Kenneth M. Fisher Performing Arts Center at the Deer Park High School.  

The play’s storyline revolves around a handful of middle school students who visit the elderly, eccentric, and spinsterly Bassenthwaite sisters for a school project. From that point on, the kids are launched into an adventure involving a missing person, art theft, and a pair of savvy detectives who have reopened a decades-old cold case.

The cast of “Framed” included Gage Thomas, Joelia Towell, Sophia Hunsaker, and several others who brought their characters to life on stage. Each one of the three main actors played their character to a tee. 

Gage Thomas’s role of’ Charlie was reminiscent of a Hardy Boys character, sneaking around and looking for clues. Joelia Towell played the perfect straight-A student, Amber, who ordered the others around and demanded they all do their best. Sophia Hunsaker had perfect comedic timing, as Casey, with her spacey character’s punchlines. 

This 95-minute romp was brought to life by the set design handled by Mr. Tucker and his Home Link Set Design class. As well as the technical and stage crew managed by Deer Park High School Theater Operations Manager Ted Brown and his team.

Special mention was given to Alexander Gooler, who will be graduating soon. Gooler played not one but two characters in the play. In his role, Remy, he used physical comedy to keep the audience laughing from the antics and wondering what he would do next. 

Overall, “Framed” was a well-executed production that showcased the talents of the Deer Park Home Link community. Rachel Horner’s writing and direction as well as the cast’s performances made for an entertaining and engaging play that kept the audience giggling at all the right times. Congratulations to all involved in bringing “Framed” to life!

At the end of the fourth and final showing of the play Home Link Principal Molly Murphy presented Rachel Horner with flowers and thanked her for the last two years of her being the drama instructor. Murphy also gave the sad news that Horner would not return to teach the Drama Class next year.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of the play on DVD or USB can visit kdk-1.com/shop and select “Deer Park Home Link | May 2023.”

The entire cast of “Framed” are as follows: Gage Thomas, Joelia Towell, Sophia Hunsaker, Alexander Gooler, Joeli Thomas, Cadi Emmans, Micah Frank, Autumn Clelland, Josiah Knox, Jennifer Sinclair, Sara Haynes, Ayden Vander Mey, Ava Valencia, Alexander Gooler, Elsie Hanley, Maegie Miller, Alyson Vander Mey, Micaiah Knox, Connor Grizzle, Shania Shupe, Eliasenn Schut, Jaelynn Vanderpool, and Tim Hanley. 

Mr. Tucker Home Link Set Design class team members are as follows: Autumn Clelland, Alexander Gooler, Tessa Hands, Micaiah Knox, Aspen Lane, Rosalie Porter, Martin Schut, Olivia Smith, Joeli Thomas, Ava Valencia, Aydne VanderMey, and Caleb Ziehnert. 

Deer Park High School Theater Operations Manager Ted Brown and his technical and stage crew are as follows: Cloey Pope, Chirs Sarquilla, Sam Cleveland, Kalen Scheerer, and Ryan Haines.  Joeli Thomas and David Horner did Media Design. Sound Designers were Autumn Clelland and Josiah Knox.  Caleb Ziehnert and Evelyn Chavaz-Corral did the Home Link part of the stage management for this play.


  • Program for Framed at the Kenneth M. Fisher Performing Arts Center, Deer Park, WA. 2023.
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