Call for Submissions: Reconnecting With Postcards

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The Spokane County Library District (SCLD) is calling all artists to submit to their virtual art show for 2023. The last Sunday in January is the deadline for all art submissions. 

You are invited to participate in the Spokane County Library District’s Art Show this January. Each of the libraries in the district will have a postcard craft station with blank postcards for you to take home to create your artwork, or you can work at the library craft station with their available supplies. There are no age or experience requirements. Artwork created must be two-dimensional on your postcard using one or more of the following media: paint – watercolors or acrylic; pencils – graphite or colored; markers; pastels; or collage. Along with the postcard, you will need to fill out the brief information card with your name and the title of your artwork.


The theme of this art show is “Reconnecting.” The Library District asks you to send what comes to mind about reconnecting with other people, places, and ourselves. To go along with that theme, the canvases for all art in this year’s show are postcards. Please only send family-friendly content, as this is an all-ages show.

Reconnecting Fun Twist

At the end of the art show, the library will mail your postcard for you. Each artist can provide a U.S. domestic address on the back of the postcard to a person or place they would like it to go to after the event. SCLD is doing this to give the artist a fun way to reconnect with others. You can address the postcard to yourself if you want. If you choose not to add an addressee to your postcard, it will be recycled after the art show.

How to Participate

  1. Pick up a blank postcard from one of their libraries, January 3–29, 2023.
  2. Paint, color, collage, or decorate your postcard with your interpretation of the theme “Reconnecting.”
  3. Pick someone* you’d like to have your postcard mailed to after the art show and add their address to the postage-paid postcard.
  4. Return your finished postcard and artist’s information sheet to one of the SCLD library locations.

The submission deadline is January 29, 2023.

View the Art Show

The community art show will be displayed in SCLD libraries during open hours from February 6th –28th. Staff will select ten postcards from each library and LINC for the virtual art show, viewable on this web page February 6–28. They encourage you to visit the library and online to see artwork from artists across Spokane County. 

For more information and terms and conditions, visit


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