Sponsoring Some Holiday Fun

Christmas traditions are a big part of what makes the holiday season so comforting. The feeling of familiarity mixed with anticipation while surrounded by the people we care about. This year marks the 4th year of the Deer Park Gazette’s Christmas Coloring Contest.

Sponsors make the coloring contest happen each year. Your business name can be right there on the pages your customers will spend hours focusing on, and your products and gift cards will be placed in the winner’s gift baskets to bring new customers to your store.


There will be three divisions for different ages: Kids, Tween/Teens, and Adults, and the winner of each category will receive a gift basket loaded with local goodies. So not only will your business name be featured in the Gazette two months in a row, but excited winners will take your products home to “ooh” and “ahh” over with family and friends!

How to Contribute & Sponsor

To contribute prizes and sponsor use the form on our website at: DPGazette.com/christmascoloring

Select prize items or services appropriate for each age group. For maximum visibility, make sure to have something for every age group. Prizes in the past have been everything from gift cards to a kindle. 

Sponsorship Levels

  • Gold Level Sponsor $250 (only 3 available)
    Business Card Ad on the coloring contest pages and entry forms.
  • Silver Level Sponsor $75
    Business name listed on the coloring contest pages and entry forms.


Sponsorship deadline is November 23rd.

Prizes due by December 20th.

Because of supply chain issues and so that we don’t disappoint any contestants, prizes must be in the possession of Deer Park Gazette before we publish the prize list.

Featured Sponsor
Thank You For Your Support!

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Featured Sponsor
Thank You For Your Support!

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Thank You For Your Support!

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