Roundabout Construction Started Crawford & Colville

No fooling! Roundabout construction has started at the intersection of Crawford & Colville. Just in time for Roundabout Appreciation Day on April 1st.

Detours are set up and traffic is being routed around the area. The roundabout construction is in the first of two phases to improve Colville Street north of Crawford Street up to 3rd Street. Construction is expected to take until late July or early August depending on weather conditions.

The project will add sidewalks and crosswalks for pedestrians. Utilities above and below ground are also going to be improved. Street lighting will be a major new feature to make the area safer.

Regardless of your feelings about the roundabouts please be cautious of construction works and kids navigating the detours on foot during school rush hours. 

April 1st summons the start of Roundabout month starting with Roundabout Appreciation Day. During April we would like to invite letters to the editor regarding our local roundabouts, love them or hate them. Use the form on our contact us page to submit your letter: Contact Us

For more details about the construction phases and detours read: 

Colville – Crawford Roundabout Approved for Spring Construction

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