Curbside Groceries Deer Park Yoke’s

You may have noticed that some new signs have shown up recently in the Deer Park Yoke’s parking lot.  You can now purchase your groceries online or through the Rosie app and pickup in the parking lot.

Though curbside pickup was available at some stores prior to COVID shutdowns and quarantines, it has grown greatly in prevalence over the past few months.  What was once an option for convenience now serves a greater purpose to those who are at high risk, or are quarantined and still need their groceries.

Deer Park’s Yoke’s store has recently joined the growing number of stores offering this service.  By logging onto their website or downloading the Rosie app you can now take advantage of this incredible option. 

How to sign up 

How to order

Once you’ve selected the Deer Park Yoke’s as your store, a page will open that will allow you to shop multiple departments. There is also an option to view the weekly ad and sale items.  When you have chosen the items you want, click on the cart and select “check out.”

The following steps must be completed in order to process your order:

  • Select
    • Fill in the spaces with your payment information  (SNAP/EBT benefits are not currently available for online shopping.)
    • Make sure you have the Deer Park Yoke’s location selected
  • Schedule
    • Pick your day and time of pickup (it is recommended to place your order a few hours if not the day before your desired pick up time, as pickup times may be filled up in advance
  • Review
    • Review all the items in your cart for a final time
    • Enter any promo codes that you may have
  • Pay
    • Enter in your credit or debit card information, click confirm card  

The following page will be Order Success.  Make note of your confirmation number; you will need it to pick up your purchase!

How to pick up

Picking up your order is easier as well.  Simply pull into one of the marked parking spaces.  There will be a sign with a letter A-D and a phone number.  You can call or text this number to have your order brought out to you.

  • Pull into the space, make note of which letter spot you are in
  • Call or text the number
    • In both instances they will need your confirmation number and the space that you have parked in
  • Wait a short time for the courtesy clerk to bring you your groceries.  
    • For contactless delivery open the trunk or the door where you want them to place the groceries

This new service is already catching on among Deer Parkians, and could easily expand if it proves successful.  There is currently no fee for curbside delivery.

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