Miss Deer Park: Keeping The Spirit Alive

Summer 2020 has just about been a complete wash.  So many of our favorite events have been cancelled.  But the Miss Deer Park Scholarship Association has drawn a line in the sand.

We’ve been met with one disappointment after another, the latest blow came as the Settlers Parade announced its cancellation. (This year marks what would have been the 99th Settlers Day event and parade.) Shortly after this notice, however, the Miss Deer Park Scholarship Association posted that they would keep their parade tradition alive.

Ever since the Miss Deer Park program in March, the ladies and volunteers have been plagued by a pandemic of changes and cancelations to traditional events. Now, as they come up on what is normally their busiest season, 11 of their 13 parades have been cancelled.

The Association asks that you step outside and support these Miss Deer Park, Her princesses, and all of the volunteers that have made their parade program come together.  

Starting at 10am the Miss Deer Park float will run from Airport Road down the normal parade route.

The association reminds people to only come out if they feel safe doing so.  Miss Deer Park and her princesses would love to see their communities faces but understand that not everyone will be comfortable being there. 

Save The Date!

July 25th 


Parade Route

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