Thankful For Deer Park’s Silver Linings

It’s raining and cold outside today in May and the last several months have been just as dreary, but I’ve been thankful to live in Deer Park where the silver linings have never been brighter. Churches, businesses, and neighbors have worked together to make a difference and I wanted to write a thank-you note to them all while celebrating our great small town. 

Churches, thank you for responding quickly through “We Heart Deer Park” to deliver groceries and needed supplies in the first month or two of the panic when it seemed every grandparent in town was about to move on to the next life. I’ve seen and heard so many local pastors considering how best to encourage the hurting because family dysfunction doesn’t stop just because half the world gets shut down.

Businesses, you’ve borne the brunt of the economic shutdown while doing everything you can to adapt and thrive. I think of Bicycles By Deron helping families have recreational activities to do together, Yoke’s following all of the guidelines and being available for groceries, all the coffee shops in town that, whether open or not, have continually provided that boost we’ve all needed (I’m looking at you, Lofty Skies!) whether through to-go caffeine or Facebook encouragement. As a part of the Chamber of Commerce I’ve seen businesses spending their time and energy lifting each other up and teaching each other new skills. Way to go!

Neighbors, thank you for watching out for local kids who need to ride their bikes and play outside to use all of that energy up. Thank you to all the neighbors stopping by with their food bank extras or posting them online so families have plenty to eat. Thank you to the neighbors who wave back, yell back, comment back, and use their extra time to give back. 

May we all be back to work soon as the storm clouds fade and the summer sun brightens our future. But let’s always remember the silver linings we saw in the Spring of 2020 and let’s start today. Who are you thankful for, and why?

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