Gearing Up for Spring

The beautiful blue skies of spring are finally appearing and the temperatures are rising!  Many pets and their owners are excited to start heading outside to enjoy the mild weather and sunshine.  Here are a few quick tips to help ease your pets into the changing season:

  1. Progressively add exercise – Winter weather sent many of us into a light hibernation and we received less exercise than we do in the summer months.  Pets can experience de-conditioning just like people when they exercise less. It is important to ease into exercise so that their muscles can recover from a season of rest.
  2. Take preventative measures – Check in with your veterinarian to ensure that your pets are protected from illnesses as well as bugs like fleas and ticks.
  3. Be aware of temperature changes – Spring in our area can be a rollercoaster; one minute it’s nearing 60-70 degrees and the next minute the temperatures plummet down to the 30’s.  Have water and shelter readily available when outdoors so that your pets can keep their temperature regulated throughout the day.
  4. Watch for sticks – Most dogs love sticks, and there are quite a few laying around from the winter winds and snowfall.  While working your spring clean up, it is a good idea to check your dog’s mouth periodically to make sure that they don’t have any small sticks wedged in their teeth or gums.
  5. Spring Blooms –  New flowers and spring blooms can be one of the most exciting parts of the season.  However, plants like tulips and lilies can be a concern for dogs and cats if they eat them.  It is advised that you keep them in an area separated from your pets.  A comprehensive list of plants to avoid with pets can be found on

Taking a few extra precautions as spring arrives can help ensure a fun and healthy spring for your pets.  Have fun outdoors this spring!

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