Featured Adoptable Pet

Name: Richard
Breed: Pit/Shepherd
Age: 1 year
Size: Medium (85lbs)
Energy: Medium

Spay/Neutered: No
Vaccinations: Up To Date
Dewormed: Up To Date

Rescue: Path Of Hope
Contact: Phone- 509.954.5091 
Email: [email protected]


Richard is in search of that big love. He has his bursts of puppy energy, but he is an ol’ boy at heart. This pup enjoys cuddling up on the couch and is sure to provide entertainment with his snoring and funny faces. He loves going on walks and does very well around people, cars, and other dogs while out. He is a people pleaser, and will do great with someone who can teach him more manners and take him on adventures. He currently uses a doggy door and does great. Sometimes he has accidents if the doggy door is closed, but he promises he’s working on it! He will sleep in his crate through the night. This pup is  a goofy sweet boy that will do best with older kids; young ones are just a bit too much energy for him. 

*Information is approximate and based on the information given to the rescue group involved.  Personality/disposition reports are based on one person or family’s experience. Animals respond to different people and locations in different ways. Contact rescue for more information, or to learn about other adoptable animals in their care.

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