25 Years Of Kookies

Kritter Kookies Bakery celebrates its 25th year anniversary of manufacturing Smackin’ Snax all natural chicken liver pet treats. Lucy Gladhart purchased the business 10 years ago from the original owner in Loon Lake. She moved the business close to home in Deer Park inside of the Ruff N It Dog Day Camp. 

Smackin’ Snax pet treats are all natural with no preservatives, additives, or flavorings. One recipe with many different shapes accommodates all sizes of dogs, cats, and any protein eating pet. Human grade chicken liver is ground by hand and added to the recipe with whole grains, oil, and eggs. Each snack is handmade from the smallest shape, Tiny Snax (1/4” square) to the largest shape, Snax Stix (9” long stick basted with egg and extra liver). The treats are oven baked at a low temperature for 50 minutes to maintain all the nutrients, unlike treats made by large manufacturers that bake fast at very high temperatures and then have nutrients added later. After the baking process, they are dehydrated overnight to preserve their freshness for over a year. Smackin’ Snax treats contain all the essential amino acids that dogs require daily, and a significant taurine content. 

Smackin’ Snax treats can be purchased in Deer Park at Grrs N Purrs Grooming, Ruff N It Dog Day Camp, and Yokes. In Spokane, you can find them at select Rosauers, Yokes, My Fresh Basket, Northwest Seed & Pet, and many other local businesses. Out of state customers can order online at kritterkookies.com

2020 also marks the year that Lucy will be retiring. Kritter Kookies Bakery is looking for a new owner to take over its legacy. Production of Smackin’ Snax treats will not be affected by this transition. Serious inquiries can be emailed to [email protected]

If your dog or cat has never tried Smackin’ Snax, stop by and pick up a bag today to support our local businesses; your pet will thank you.

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