Missing Teen Located Alive and Well

On October 8th, 2019 it was reported that Sara Lynn McNease (Sara Gracelyn Vincent), a Deer Park student, had gone missing from Spokane Community College where she was attending classes for Running Start.  When Sara failed to return home that afternoon, her family grew concerned and attempted to reach her, but they were unable to. The car she had been driving, some personal belongings, and a note were found in the college’s parking lot.  Unfortunately, authorities and family members were unable to locate Sara, who had not attended her scheduled classes or meetings that day. Almost immediately the Deer Park community rallied in support of Sara and her family. Flyers were made to help spread the word about Sara’s disappearance and to get her picture into the community, as well as neighboring cities and states.  Post after post appeared online stating the different locations where flyers had been placed so that volunteers could coordinate their efforts to reach as many people as possible. This past Saturday, many residents joined together for a prayer vigil at First Baptist Church on Crawford Street, praying for the teen’s safe return. After weeks of silence, news finally reached this tight knit community;  Sara had been located, alive and well in California. An attorney speaking on behalf of Sara McNease reached out to the Spokane Police Department on October 22nd, 2019 to report that she was safe. This information was confirmed by the family on Facebook that same afternoon. Thank you to all in the community who came together and assisted in the effort to find Sara McNease.

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