Reducing Barriers for Care in Springdale

In 1978 the NEW Health Community Group was formed with the goal of ensuring that residents in the Tri-County area received access to quality health care.  Their first clinic was opened in 1979.

As NEW Health and the local community grew, the services provided expanded. In 2006 the Springdale Community Dental Clinic was added to NEW Health’s care program, housed in a modular building that once served as a local medical clinic.  As the need for care grew, the building received two additions giving it a total of 1400 sq ft.

While the building gave the community access to quality, local dental care, it was not without its share of problems. One main concern was the steep wheelchair ramps attached to the building, making access difficult, if not impossible in the winter, for individuals with disabilities.  NEW Health’s leadership team reached out to local representatives in an effort to improve care for the Springdale community. They were awarded a capital appropriation from the 2017-2019 state budget, giving them the funds to build a new dental clinic to replace the aging modular building, improve the quality of care, and improve access to that care.

On June 14th the new Springdale Dental Clinic opened its doors to the community with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  On hand to celebrate were: Senator Shelly Short, Representative Jacqueline Maycumber, and Springdale Mayor Liz Calderwood.  In her speech to the community, Mayor Calderwood pointed out the new pediatric room at the clinic and the improved privacy.

Just before cutting the ribbon, NEW Health CEO Desiree Sweeney thanked all of the hard workers who brought the building to life, noting that all work on the new clinic was completed by local contractors from District 7. In fact, the drywall installation was completed by Mary Walker graduates. 

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, community members in attendance were invited inside for refreshments and a tour of the new 2,400 sq ft facility. Employees of the clinic as well as representatives from NEW Health were available for tours and questions. The new clinic, located at 105 N 2nd Street, will be open Monday through Thursday from 7am to 5pm, and they accept most insurance plans.

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