Deer Park High School Flood

During February’s below-freezing temperatures, the school lost power, and the pipes froze; once the power was restored, the pipes warmed up too fast, causing them to burst. By the time the leak was discovered, there was standing water all over the school.

Belfor Property Restoration was called to the school right away once the janitors saw the mess. They immediately began repairs to the school. Although the building had suffered, classes were still held and school continued as usual, as only a few classrooms and a hallway by the English rooms were shut down.

Bob Krasin, DPHS Assistant Principal, said,” The flood impacted us in a crazy way on many levels.”

Deer Park High School’s theatre has been used for many productions by the whole school district, as well as other community events. Since the flood, several of those events were either canceled, delayed, or moved to a different venue. The school is expected to be repaired after spring break (April 1st-5th). Although we can’t tell 100% if the school will be actually fixed or not, Belfor Property Restoration is working hard to get Deer Park High School up and running again.

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