Cyan Worlds Inc. Twenty-Five Years Of Creating New Places For Our Imaginations To Venture

Mead based Cyan Worlds Inc., creates computer games with an incredible depth of storytelling, and stunning locations that can be otherworldly yet seem familiar. These elements immerse the gamers into feeling they’ve actually been there and know the characters. Even though you won’t see many animals or people in these games, there’s a feeling of awe and sometimes danger.

Cyan  first made world renown after releasing Myst and its sequel Riven in the 90’s. Other sequels were made, but much of the process was out of Cyan’s hands and licensed to other production companies. However, the world creators extraordinaire were back at it in 2016 with Myst’s “spiritual successor” Obduction. Obduction helped Cyan reconnect to their fan base and rebuild their business after a long quiet period.

Myst’s 25th Anniversary
Earlier this spring, Cyan Worlds Inc. made a couple of exciting announcements. The first one harkens back to what made Cyan famous, the Myst series. This year the series is celebrating its 25th anniversary. As part of the celebration, Cyan has worked tirelessly to secure the rights and licenses to all of the games in the collection, and optimize them to run smoothly on newer technology. To help promote and gather funds for this huge project, Cyan started a Kickstarter campaign, which offers collectibles and pre-purchasing options for the games. Fans rallied and had the project’s $247,500 goal fully funded within eight hours. The Kickstarter campaign is still running and as of this writing they have over 8,000 backers and have raised over a million dollars. To purchase these games and get updates on Kickstarter, go to

New Game “Firmament” Announced
In their second announcement, Cyan introduced Firmament, a new game that looks to follow Cyan’s model for stunning landscapes and intricate puzzles that require both the heart of an explorer and mind of a problem solver. Cyan says this game is specifically designed for Virtual Reality (VR) gameplay, but will likely be available for other platforms as well.

Firmament is still in the very early stages of development and it appears that Cyan is looking for a distributor. Other than a few intriguing screenshots and a gripping trailer, there is no estimated time of release and very few details. More information is available on and

Myst set a record in the 1990s for selling more copies than any other game at the time.  After the success of Myst and Riven began to fade, the company seemed to struggle and almost vanished completely.  Now, though, it’s clear the fans are still out there and that perhaps the ending has not yet been written…

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