Loon Lake Food Bank In Immediate Need

In the beginning of April the refrigerated truck that the Loon Lake Food Bank used to pick up donated food became inoperable. This type of truck is critical to making the almost daily trip to Spokane and surrounding cities to pick up donated food. The Loon Lake Food Bank was forced by this need to rent another truck.

Truck rental is $100 daily, and has already depleted over $2,000 of the Food Bank’s operating budget. Repairs for the truck are estimated at an additional $2,000, but the truck won’t be fixed for another week or more.

The Loon Lake Food Bank is now seeking a replacement refrigerated box truck, in good repair, that could be donated or even sold to the food bank. The budget is extremely limited; the organization is hoping they can purchase a truck for under $15,000. They would also gladly accept donated funds for the truck repair and rental truck that are currently accruing.

The Loon Lake Food Bank has been meeting the needs of the Loon Lake community and surrounding areas since 1980. There are nearly 1,600 families that utilize the services monthly. Without a refrigerated truck to pick up donations, the food bank may not be able to provide meat and dairy items to their clients.

“We are in desperate need!” said Leona Adams, Director.

If you are donating to purchase a small refrigerated truck, be sure and designate the funds “Truck”.

You can mail a money order or check to:

Loon Lake Food Bank
Attn: Truck
PO Box 64
Loon Lake, WA 99148
For more information call 509-233-8450, Mon. and Thurs
Loon Lake Food Bank on Facebook DPGazette.com/loonlakefoodbank

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